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Classic red for the holidays, filled with savoury and sweet from David Roberts Roasted Cashews and Chocolate Covered Almonds, Loacker Wafers, Allessia Cantuccini Biscotti and classic Weinbrand-Bohnen Brandy Beans. To prepare a delicious Italian pasta we’ve added Primavera Trottole Pasta with delicious Allessia Cherry Tomato Sauce, and Grissini breadsticks! It’s sure to delight this holiday season!

Basket includes:
• Allessia Grissini Breadsticks 100g
• Allessia Cantuccini Biscotti Cherry/Almond 180g
• Loacker Wafers Hazelnut 175g
• Allessia Avocado Oil Spray 100ml
• David Roberts Cashews 200g
• David Roberts Chocolate Almonds 75g
• Esta Truffles
• Martelli Pesto 212ml
• Allessia Cherry Tomato Sauce
• Primavera Pasta Trottole – 500g
• Weinbrand-Bohnen Brandy Beans 400g

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